Susi is a multi disciplinary artist from South Africa who is very drawn to nature and the emotions evoked by her surroundings. She draws inspiration mostly from the beauty in Africa, its people, the landscapes and wild life. When painting she tries to choose a medium that would convey the image or emotion which she wishes to portray.

Her works often vary greatly in size. She improvises with the mediums she chooses to try and achieve the desired end result. Having studied Fine Arts for 4 years she does paint portraits, landscapes and figurative works in a more traditional approach, however also likes to manifest self expression and personal freedom by drawing from deeply felt emotions and memories within her psyche.

The often random marks, procedures, mediums and brush marks she uses allows her to stumble onto new experimentation and uncover the journey of creating art with out constraints. She feels artists should never feel complacent in any particular genre so she allows the paint to form something surprising; more than just an image.